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who we are.

hug magazine, established in 2018 by Sofia Condés, was born out of one girls love and admiration for the place we call home. As a bi-annual independent publication, we strive to celebrate the environment, self-care and sustainability through a mix of inspiring articles and beautifully curated artwork.

"My hope is that with this magazine it will allow us all to give our wonderful planet, and our wonderful selves, the hug that it deserves." - Sofia, founder and editor.

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write for us.

in each issue we love sharing others voices through stories and articles. If you'd like to write something or include some of your artwork or photography please do get in touch. Alternatively, if you're a small business and would like to be featured in any upcoming issues, let us know and we'll see what we can do - we're all for sharing the small business love!


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donate a coffee.

Whilst hug mag is still in it's early stages, if you'd like to donate the price of a coffee to support existing and future issues of hug mag you can do so through my Ko-fi account! Thank you so so much in advance x


embracing everyday.

Mountainous Landscape


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